Annenberg PetSpace January Events

The Annenberg PetSpace, located in Playa Vista, is hosting a variety of engaging events in January. Every Wednesday at 12pm is “Walking Wednesday – Loose Leash Walking,” where participants can learn tips on leash-walking manners. Additionally, every Saturday at 12pm is “Schooling Saturday – an Overview of Training Techniques,” at which experts will discuss what behavior to expect from newly adopted pets, as well as tips for creating a training plan.

On Saturday, January 20th from 12-1pm, Dr. Clive Wynne will give a lecture titled “There’s No Place Like Home – Shelter Dogs and Adoption.” Dr. Wynne is a Wallis Annenberg Leadership Institute Fellow and professor of behavioral psychology at Arizona State University. The talk will focus on areas of human-dog interaction that can have the biggest impact on dog and human welfare, as well as specific issues shelter dogs face and complexities of adoption. Dr. Wynne is a member of a cohort of research scientists engaging with questions surrounding human-animal bonds. Dr. Eric Strauss, Executive Director of CURes, is also part of this team.

Visit the Annenberg PetSpace website for more information on upcoming events. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Jennifer Cohen (