CATE Turns Eight

CURes is delighted to announce that our Cities and the Environment (CATE) Journal turned eight years old in 2015 and, in celebration, we have released the following editorial: “CATE Journal: Eight Years of Urban Ecology Research and Practice“.  CATE, which is sponsored by both CURes and the U.S. Forest Service, has made extensive progress since it was established.  In particular, over the past two years, our readership has doubled and, to date, we have had more than 130,000 downloads of articles from our website.  We aim to continue this success in 2016 and beyond.  We want to thank all of  our authors, reviewers and advisors for their contributions as and look forward to engaging more urban ecology academics and practitioners in future issues of the journal.  Please help us celebrate the fact that “CATE is eight” by forwarding this editorial to your colleagues and encouraging them to submit to the journal.  Cheers to urban ecology research and scholarship!