Director’s Blog: Fledgling Center Receives Research Award

Dear friends of CURes,

We have received an award from LMU and the Office of Sponsored Programs for being the team that submitted the most proposals for funding and for receiving nine external grants for our work.  This is unprecedented in my academic history, either here or at Boston College.

This is a great achievement for us and I am once again so proud and humbled by the great work our staff does at CURes and the extraordinary support we receive from the Office of Sponsored Programs, The Provost’s Office, The Dean’s Office and the Biology Department.  The extramural support allows us to do so much in the communities we serve and to ask so many important research questions.

I am reminded, however, that this is the process of excellence, not the endpoint. We will continue to accelerate our efforts and use the good fortune to build stronger programs that reach a larger community of stakeholders and ultimately, improve the resilience of our community.

Take stock in the good work we do and continue the effort to be a guiding light in the effort to understand improve our urban communities.

Best wishes,

Eric Strauss, Executive Director