Environmental Science at LMU: The Living City (Post 1)

‘Summer Programs’ at LMU has begun! This is year two of this special summer program for high school students from the U.S. and around the world, to experience LMU as a college freshman. The two-week immersion program allows students to live on campus, attend morning lectures and afternoon labs each day, as well as attend other workshops designed around the college experience, such as career development and Ignatian Leadership. Students also get a bit of a break from the academic rigor by having some fun activities scheduled, such as outdoor movie night on Friday, June 30th and a group trip to Disneyland on Saturday, July 1st. This is sure to be an amazing academic and personal experience for these high school students, who will be entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year in high school this upcoming Fall.

Many of the students in this LMU summer program are enrolled in the science course taught by LMU-CURes professor, Dr. Peter Auger: “Environmental Science at LMU: The Living City”. In this course, Prof. Auger will teach students about the environmental topics we are all challenged with in urban settings, including our care for the land we all share, as well as human co-existence with animals. We will do several posts throughout the course, so viewers can follow students along on their LMU experience.

These first pics below are from the Opening Day dinner on Sunday, June 25th, and the first day of classes on Monday, June 26th. In this, the first day of class, students learned about various topics including urban ecology and bird song. Students broke into groups for their first lab and conducted playback experiments after observing mockingbirds in their home territories. This was a great way to practice the scientific method first-hand out in the field.

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