Kestrel Fledglings – June 2022

LMU’s Westchester Campus has a reputation for being very birdy, and it sure did live up to that reputation a few weeks ago when two American Kestrel fledglings were found on a grassy area outside of the Sacred Heart Chapel. They were seen later joining their other sibling in a nearby tree! Father Randy reached out to Lisa Fimiani with CURes to let her know about the situation and Facilities Management staff safely secured the babies in a box for a short time while Lisa began asking rescue organizations what needed to be done.

With an initial call to the California Wildlife Center, and advice from Debbie Maguire, Lisa got a call back from Christina Jones with South Bay Wildlife Rehab (SBWR).  With expert guidance from both rescue operations, Lisa was able to determine the birds were not injured and could be placed as close to their nest site as possible, if it could be found.

The apparent nest site was discovered later in the day nearby, high up in a Palm Tree on the LMU Bluffs, and Lisa was able to place the fledges in a nearby bush, hidden from predators and crows.  The adults soon found them and began calling, so all was well.

The next day Lisa saw the two fledges, a male and a female, high in the Eucalyptus trees by the Chapel, being fed by their parents.

Surprisingly, a third fledgling was discovered a few days later in the Palm Tree with the cavity nest.  The three fledges came out one afternoon and Lisa was just lucky enough to be there to take photos and videos of the kids, while the parents swooped in with lizard treats.

A big shout out to our Facilities Management department, Father Randy, and everyone involved to add their help and advice to make sure these birds were safe and may continue to thrive on our Campus!