CURes in Costa Rica: The 2015 Adventure Course

This series of blog posts chronicles the summer course that CURes offers for LMU students in Costa Rica called “Tropical Science and Culture in Costa Rica.” We teach this interdisciplinary overview of tropical science, policy, and culture course (and the interactions between them) in conjunction with the Monteverde Institute.  The course consists of lectures as well as field visits and presentations.  Students also develop specific areas of concentration for their studies by collaborating with course instructor, Dr. Peter Auger.  Overall, CURes and the Monteverde Institute aim to provide students with a broad Costa Rican historical and social context in order to facilitate a better understanding of the tropical biology of the region. To read more about the course, please visit the description on the CURes website.  To read more of the blog entries from this year’s trip, please visit the LMU Costa Rica 2015 Blog

The the students have returned to the U.S., but their adventures in Costa Rica live on.  Check out some of the highlights below!

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