Student Reflections from the Global Climate Action Summit

From September 10-12th, five LMU undergraduates participated in affiliate events of the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. Below are two reflections from the students about their experience and take-aways.

Christeon Gaskin – LMU Health and Human Sciences, Winter ’18

Makeen Yasar (LMU Health and Human Sciences, Spring ’19) presents during an affiliate event.

The Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco was really an eye opening experience! The GCAS is truly a pioneer event, with people coming from all around the world. While at the GCAS, I was able to attend many events that focused on the importance of healthy energy systems, inclusive economic growth, sustainable communities, land and ocean stewardship, and transformative climate investments. Some of the events that I attended included: Coal and Ice; Joined-up Urban Climate and Health Governance: Best Practices in Mediterranean-Climate Cities; a Food and Climate Strategy Session; Menus and Meals: Climate Action’s Best Kept Secret for Cities and Businesses; and the Global Climate Health Forum.

At all of these events, I was able to listen and learn from various experts and key figures, who not only played a major role in raising awareness about climate change, but continue to promote adaptation and mitigation strategies to climate change. While at the GCAS, I was able to engage in meaningful discussion with many of these experts. The knowledge and information that they shared with me was priceless. I met so many amazing people while at the GCAS in San Francisco. I am very thankful to have been able to attend the summit, and would like to say thanks again to everyone who contributed to making it a success!

Kimberly Dobbs – LMU Environmental Science, Spring ’19

The Global Climate Action Summit (referred to as #GCAS2018 on social media) that took place in San Francisco on they days of Sept 12-14 brought leaders and advocates of climate action together from all over the world, to make known their commitment and dedication to transformational change on a global scale in terms of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving our environment, and mitigating dangerous effects of climate change. The Summit was a historic event, and the largest on US soil to focus on such issues. Not only did the Summit attract major world leaders, business owners, and world-renowned scientists, but Universities as well. Many schools were present and participatory in the summit, with unique contributions to the promotion of a healthier world, as communities invested in research and education, and equipped with an army of young, bright, and full-of-potential students, ready to carry out the Universities missions into the ranks of society.

Loyola Marymount University was one of those schools. In particular, the Center for Urban Resilience put together an event affiliated with the summit, alongside Energy

LMU students participated in break-out groups during the Mediterranean Cities event.

Upgrade California, MC-4, and SF Transportation, that discussed the intersection between climate change and public health, with a focus on mediterranean cities.

Four students from LMU had the opportunity to attend the affiliate event, along with many more events the week of the summit. The event topics: alternative energy, rebuilding cities after natural disasters, changing menus to reduce emissions, entrepreneur pitches for green products and innovation, art gallery featuring the devastating effects of coal, and more. The students in attendance, chosen as “Sustainability Ambassadors” for LMU, absorbed everything they could (like sponges), asked thoughtful questions, and were exposed to many new ideas and perspectives regarding climate-change related issues. To say the opportunity was worthwhile would be an understatement.